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Making Shots Go Down Easier in a Party Bus

Some people are really experienced with drinking which means that they would have absolutely no trouble keeping up with the shots that the people around them might be taking on a party bus at any given point in time. That said, quite a few people are not going to be all that experienced with drinking at all which means that they would need a bit of a breather in some way, shape or form, or alternatively they would need a tip that they can implement which would make it a fair bit easier for them to consume the alcohol that they require in order to feel good and truly get into the party spirit.

One tip that we would like to give you which can make alcohol consumption easier on party limos nyc is that you should chase every shot you take with water. Simply taking a shot with no chaser is going to make you feel like you are about to throw up more or less instantly, but if you were to take a glug or two of water to chase it down this would make it go down a lot more easily.

What’s more is that the water will wash the flavor of the alcohol from your gullet as well. This is something that is really important as you might not really like the taste of alcohol all that might right now. Alcohol is definitely an acquired taste which means that you would likely not enjoy it all that much at this moment, and by using a chaser you can make things a bit more reasonable for you on that front in a lot of ways.

The Best movie of 2020: AmaramAkhilamPrema

A love story with twists and turns can never fail to make viewers happy. And when it comes to keeping the viewers amused with the storyline and the performance of cats, Tollywood has done a par excellence job to achieve fame. In the entire year 2020, the world was fighting with the pandemic situation, but thanks to the aha OTT app that allows us to watch movies online.

There have been multiple movies released in the year 2020, but only a few were able to drag the audience’s attention with their brilliant plot. One of the best movies to watch in 2020 is none other than AmaramAkhilamPrema. Though you get multiple Telugumovies online, this one is a must-watch.

Brief about the Movie

  • Vijay Ram as Amar
  • ShivshaktiSachdev as Akhila
  • Naresh as Amar’s father
  • SrikanthIyengar as Akhila’s father
  • Annapoorna as Akhila’s grandmother
  • Sri Lakshmi as Akhila’s aunt
  • Siva reddy


The complete storyline is based upon a love story between a simple girl and a book storekeeper. The girl had a beautiful bond with her father, who got ruined because she eloped with her boyfriend. She returned later but couldn’t improve her relationship with her father anymore. The girl then worked hard to fulfill her father’s dream of becoming a civil officer, but nothing changed. Later on, the storekeeper boy tried to change her father’s heart and improve their relationship.

What lesson do you get?

The movie revolves around how a strong and real love can melt even the most complex core-hearted person. Whatever may be the situation, if someone loves you beyond anything, things will always be good.

This movie is not only loved by the young generation but also got a good response from the elderly age group who have a father-daughter bond. People love the new lover’s efforts to resolve the bitterness in the purest bond. Like a father’s love can never be measured. Similarly, a lover’s part has equal strength to improve the situation. It’s tough to find such a boy in the world who puts enough effort into improving a daughter’s relation with her father.

So if you have been a keen observer and loves to watch a romantic love story with a social touch, then this movie is just the best one to watch online.


Nothing can measure the depth of a father and daughter’s bond, but a single mistake ruins the entire sweetness of this bond for a lifetime. Things can be harsh and complicated sometimes, but changes are still possible in any relationship if you have a perfect partner. The entire movie is based upon the love and trust of every connection. With a blockbuster response from the audience, you have got the chance to watch this movie online.

Just grab your phone and download the aha OTT platform and subscribe to the channel for unlimited Telugu movies onlinewatch program.