Decide Your Pet’s Nutrition Wisely!!

In today’s time, a home with a pet is a stress buster!! A pet encompasses within itself the power to lessen your burdens for a short span of time and lets you be happy at your abode. Pets also have certain specific needs and requirements relating to their health which is determined by the nutrition they consume. As humans, we require a nutritious diet that fulfills the day to day activity of our lives and also provides us immense stamina to accomplish our goals in life. Synonymous to the same, dogs also need nutritious food to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

 But differentiating from our health needs, pets have different needs and they have specific food requirements that ought to be fulfilled by the pet’s owner in any situation. Pet nutrition is a diet that comprises of all the essential nutrients that are necessary for the pet’s health and neglecting the same will lead to bizarre health issues for it.

Facts that need to be considered while deciding a pet’s nutrition

  • The dogs which are small in size and low in the activity require about 185 to 370 calories on a day to day basis while on the other hand, a large dog weighing in the range of about 67 to 88 pounds have a requirement starting from 1000 and going up to 2000 calories.
  • The intake of food and their requirements also depends largely on the gender and level of the activity of the pet. Thus, it needs to be kept in mind that the pet should be given the food at regular intervals and in proportionate amount that caters to the needs of the same.

Pet’s Nutrition

  • Many times, unknowingly pet owners give food that is much more than the requisite amount due to which the dog suffers from being overweight which leads to various stomach disorders.
  • Now, talking about cats, a kitty that has a weight of about 10 pounds requires about 220 to 350 calories per day which is exactly the number present in little ounces of cheese. The weight charts are bad for cats too as the pet owners give a lot of food in the mealtime to the pet which leads to amplification in the weight of the pet.
  • As pets are much more active and eager to explore the world outside, their diet should also be so designed that it fits in well with their daily routine and provide them the desired amount of energy and build their stamina yet be suitable to the needed amount of calories in a day.

Products for Pets nutrition

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