Job Description Of Handyman In Mesa, AZ

A handyman is responsible for maintaining a wide range of common also uncommon residential or commercial premises. It can be carried out on a contract or as part of the maintenance department. They will specialize in electrical, plumbing, repair guidance, painting, appliance repair, cleaning, remodeling, yard maintenance, or performing repair evaluations.

This kind of role needs an individual with skills and well-rounded knowledge.

Job description

handyman in Mesa, AZ works, generally by the project, for individual customers. Some may work for pay to maintain companies, apartment complexes, and buildings. Their role lies in assessing the project at hand, making recommendations for approaches, finding out the cost of labor and materials, securing the materials, etc.


Most handymen are self-employed, while others work through construction companies and repair services. Some may find a job related to home warranty companies, property management, or government entities. It may be a side job for some of them, and for others, it is a full-time job.

Educational qualifications                              

There is no need for educational requirements for handyman jobs other than a diploma. Only requires knowledge is the key to doing this job, and one can complete it safely and effectively. Training in electrical works, weddings, irrigation, landscaping, and appliance repair is essential.

Working experience

If a person has more work experience, it will increase their earning potential. They have to learn more about eh repair situations and develop their capabilities to handle the situation. At least a minimum of two years’ experience in their role. Solid experience is essential to work with hardware tools and power equipment.


Certification need is based upon individual decision, but depending on the region, the license is essential for plumbers and electricians involved in major repairs and construction.


Hoping that handyman work will increase by nearly nine percent in the year 2026 and increase in demand for such services as home construction, repair, and maintenance of the home. The growth rate for this job is as fast as comparing to other occupations. More increase in this growth rate depends upon the improving economy as people have more cash in their hand.