New or used car: what to choose and why

There are a thousand reasons to buy a new car : sometimes the one we have is too old and no longer reliable, sometimes we have new needs that we cannot satisfy with our current car, sometimes we simply want to change cars. But, in all cases, there is always a question that we all ask ourselves: is it better to buy a new car or turn to the second-hand market?

The choice between a new or used car is not as easy as it might seem, because there are great advantages (and great disadvantages) to both buying a new car and preferring a used vehicle. Here’s what they are and how to choose, based on our real needs.

New cars have many advantages but also two disadvantages which, however, are so great that they must be carefully evaluated. A new car is up-to-date from all points of view: it integrates the latest technologies in both engines and infotainment. The new generation engines consume and pollute less, and consequently it is more difficult for them to be blocked by traffic (almost all new cars are now Euro 6D approved) used cars in san diego.

The reliability of a new car is maximum, because wear is zero, and in any case a new vehicle enjoys the entire guarantee. We can then choose the color, interior, engine, option of a new car.

The real big problem with new cars is the price: high . And what’s more (and this is the second problem with new cars) the devaluation after the first two years can reach up to 20-25% of the initial price.

Considering above all these last two factors, therefore, 0 km cars become attractive : they are cars used by dealers as show cars, to be shown to potential customers but which at most have traveled a few tens of kilometers to move from one dealership to another. Very often they cost the price of the basic model but have superior fittings, only it is not possible to customize them.

Why buy a used car: the pros

Used cars have a big advantage: cost. The second-hand market is so vast that you can find vehicles of all prices, especially since you can buy cars online.

If the car is still young, it could also have a few years of residual warranty but, in any case, by law, even used cars have at least one year of warranty that the seller must grant to the buyer. It is also possible to find used vehicles so young that they belong to the latest generation of cars produced by the manufacturer, with all the advantages in terms of technology that derive from them. Finally, unlike the new car, the used one is available immediately.