Used Cars For Sale – Try the Auction Route

A study conducted by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch showed that a savvy consumer can save thousands of dollars when he or she buys a car from a private owner rather than a dealer.

Private owners like you will receive considerably more money for their cars than dealers will pay. This means you can used cars in sacramento save money on the purchase price. In addition, you’ll avoid the trouble of buying a car in the middle of the summer and taking delivery during the worst season of the year.

Although buying a car at an auction is a bit risky, this is not a gamble that you should take. Dealers rarely offer prices on their used cars that are more than a few hundred dollars below the invoice. And auctions like those held by Barrett-Jackson and Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions are not auctions at all. Rather, they are a form of “going-out-of-business sale” where the highest bidder determines the price.

Buying a car at auction is no different from buying it anywhere else, except that the auctioneer may be entertaining his or her friends and relatives during the bidding and that the sellers may be allowed to linger and even have a drink or two. This is only a slight drawback, and it is not a reason to avoid buying a car at auction.

The best thing about going to an auction is that you’ll likely receive your car for a much lower price than you would have paid at a dealer’s lot.

However, in order to make this deal happen, you have to know what kind of car you want and how much money you are willing to spend. And it helps to know which kind of auction is best for you.

Auction Types

Before you start looking, you should know what type of auction you’re looking for. There are two basic types of auctions: those that are held in person and those that are conducted by mail.

Live Auctions

Live auctions are held in person. The high bidder walks into the auction hall and purchases the car. Since there is no time limit, the auctioneer has the freedom to entertain the used cars in sacramento crowd as long as he or she likes. In addition, the car is never sold if the price is too high.

Auctions Held at High-End Dealers

High-end auctions, also called specialty auctions, are held in upscale dealerships, such as those that sell classic automobiles. Since these dealers have enough money to bid against one another, the prices offered are generally much higher than at auctions in which bidders are allowed to pay cash.

Also, if the auctioneer does not find a buyer, the car is not sold. In addition, most high-end dealers give a test drive of the car to the buyer and do not sell it to someone else while the test drive is being made.