Verify medicines with remote pharmacy verification


For a remote pharmacist to verify the prescription, a pill verification system obtains a prescription filled at a pharmacy and gathers information about the pills being dispensed. A pill imaging system takes pictures of the pills as they are transferred to a pill vial to fulfill the prescription, and a pill vial imaging system takes photos of the pill vial. You can open your pharmacy in the area with a full-proof remote pharmacy verification.

What is a remote verification system?

A remote verification system receives the pill vial and prescription pill images. To ensure the prescription is accurate, a pharmacist is given pictures of most of the pills in the drug and the vial.

Pill verification system

A higher rate of verification and the ability for a single pharmacist to support multiple pharmacies are made possible by the remote verification system’s ability to display prescriptions filled by various pharmacies. For a technician to finish verifying the pills, the pharmacist’s verification is sent to the pill verification system and displayed.

How to manage multiple pharmaceutical stores?

Managing multiple pharmacies can be challenging for independent pharmacy owners to keep tabs on everything. Pharmacists need to be able to easily access essential pharmacy information even when they are off-site to maintain a smooth operation.

Features for verification

Pharmacies can use this feature to remotely verify scripts by connecting their verification queues to the cloud through an online portal. Owners of multiple pharmacies can also link all of their locations and use a single login to access columns at each location.

Central verification

Pharmacists can access the portal using any web browser and mobile device by logging in with a valid email address. Additionally, the verification screens on the portal are simple to use.

Central reporting

 This feature lets pharmacies sync their data to the cloud, making it easy to access critical reporting by logging into an online portal.

Electronic transfer

Pharmacies under the same ownership can use this feature to look up patient and prescription information from any other location. By searching an online portal, the data can be easily obtained.


It is a method for remotely overseeing and verifying the work that a non-pharmacist at an institutional pharmacy does in the pharmacy. Through wired and wireless telecommunication systems, the institutional pharmacy and a pharmacist in a remote location are connected, allowing the pharmacist to oversee and check that non-pharmacist employees perform pharmacy functions correctly remotely. Any one of a variety of image capture devices can be used to take pictures of the work done in the pharmacy.